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Syndicate with dengue and the immoral trade is going on With the Dengue Test Kit

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Desh Desk: The immoral trade is going on With the Dengue Test Kit. A syndicate of unscrupulous traders associated with it. The situation is awful, those dishonest merchants are selling dengue test kits at twice the price. Kits priced from 150 to 180 takas are now being sold in the market from 450 to 500 takas. They are raising billions of takas by creating an artificial crisis in the market. Talking to the complainants, it is reported that importers and traders are leading the syndicate trade in the union.

However, Director of the Department of Health (Infectious Disease) Professor Dr. Sania Tahmina tells, The Dengue Kit crisis has been created.  However, it has been managed. Dengue medication has dispatched to the government hospital at a proportional rate.

The dengue situation is getting out of control. Every day the patient is growing. The Aedes mosquito, which is the capitals central has been spreading across the country. Although Dengue is not infected, the dengue fear is jumping for the test. Due to this, the demand for medicines required for dengue test has increased. The dishonest syndicate has taken this opportunity.  The price of a kit used for dengue detection through, IGM and IGG tests is being charged from 450 to 500 takas.  It was worth it before from 150 to 180 takas. The crisis has been reported in all public and private hospitals in the country. Our correspondents report that, the patients could not be examined for the crisis of the kits.

Masboul Kabir, the proprietor of the kit-producing company OMG Healthcare Pvt Ltd told, the demand for the kit will be so high that no one has understood before. This is why no one has given any importance to the extra kit. Because of that amount of dengue kits is produced every year, about half of them remain. They have to be destroyed at the end of the term. In this we have to face financial losses. But now the demand is so high that all the kits produced are gone. Production is now off. Because the chemicals required to produce the kit have to be imported. Within two days it will come. This month we can produce 15 million kits. the government has provided 40 thousand kits to us. If it was not provided, more problems would have arisen, he said. Accepting the sale of the kit at an additional price, he added, “The price of the kit has been fixed at Tk 280 from his company. But it is now being sold in the market for twice the price.

However, Mamun Hossain, an officer of the same branch of the same company, said, “We make RDT kits in the country by importing chemicals (R-Materials) from abroad. Supplies are currently closed. The company’s owner has gone abroad to import chemicals. He will return home within the next three to four days. The factory will start production soon after that.

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